Hey friends, I am Overprotected Atheist. I am a former Christian who is now an atheist activist. I grew up in the church and never questioned what I believed. I trusted the adults in my life and thought they had done their own research into the religion that they followed. It was not until I was 29 years old that I found out the truth about my religion. There was a whole world of information I did not know existed and my mind was changed forever. I started to research Christianity and found out that all the stories that I once believed did not line up with reality. The one verse I remember that made me become an atheist and never go back was Matthew 16:28. Jesus told the disciples he would be back before they died. Once I had seen that I no longer considered myself a Christian. Now I have a Youtube channel where I talk about the issues in the Christian faith. I also talk about my experiences growing up in the church and how they had a negative impact on my life. I want to stand up against anything that is not truth. Everyone deserves to know what reality is and no one should have to live life as a slave to religion.

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