Britney Spears and the War on Women

I love Britney Spears I remember when her album came out. I was 10 years old when I heard …Baby One More Time for the first time. I would stand in my room singing along to the lyrics and learning all the dance moves from her music videos. You could say, she was my idol when I was a kid. She loved to dance just like I did and she inspired me to do what I wanted to do in my life. I think if I had not been raised religious, being a dancer would have been a dream of mine I would have followed. Life did not turn out that way, but that is alright because I love my life today.

Getting back to Britney. I remember when she had a meltdown in 2007. At that time I was 18-19 years old and I felt so bad for her. All she wanted was her own life. I did not grow up in the spotlight, but I knew what it was to have parents who wanted me to be in the spotlight. I was raised with a stage mom who would do anything to get her kids into Hollywood because she wanted to be a millionaire. While I do think that Britney wanted this dream, I think a lot of people in her life saw this as a opportunity for them if this went the way Britney wanted it too.

This woman is amazing, she is a boss bitch. She has had albums, tours, books, perfumes, and so much more. She knows what she wants she knows how she wanted things in her life to go and sadly that was all taken away from her after her meltdown. This talented woman worked her butt off to rise to the top and she knew everyone around her would take advantage of her and yet she was trapped in a world she could not get out of. She was owned by her record label and after the meltdown the record label and her dad took advantage of her and decided she was going to be a prisoner. She was going to work when they said. She was going to go wherever they told her, they were going to make her beg on her knees to get her own money.

Although many will say this was needed for her own safety. I see this as a very misogynistic idea. The people in charge of her were men. They believed that because they were men then they had a better grasp on what she needed then what she herself needed. Religion is a huge part of this problem. People in the church believe that men should be over women and plays into this idea that women do not have their own needs, thoughts, wants. They are simply meek quiet property that should have a man (either their father or husband) to rule over them.

Britney has enough support from her own hard work to take care of herself. She does not need people over her. When she was sick and needed medication then having someone over her was fine. This should have lasted a short time so she could once again get healthy and get back to work like she wanted to. As someone who has a parent who would have taken as much as my money as possible if I had become a star, I understand her. I get it. When you have a deadbeat family member you have to protect yourself. Sadly, Britney did not have the trust to have friends around her that she could have talked to or given the power to if she wanted.

Britney has had no control over her own life in 13 years. She is almost 40 years old. She has done tours, a Vegas show and put out more albums all during that time. If this woman was not able to work because of her mental health that would be one thing. However, she forced to work her butt off, even going as far to say her dad made her do a show with a fever and did not care. This woman is not free. She has no control over anything, her money, her schedule, and even her own body. She was made to be watched almost 24/7 and could not even change without someone else there. She was also forced to get a IUD because her label and dad did not want her to have a baby while she was doing her Vegas show. This is so disgusting. I understand, making sure the woman is healthy and secure before she has another kid is important but to force a form of birth control on anyone should be illegal. No one should have so much control over someone else that they can force them into not living the life they want simply because you want to make more money off of them.

I hope Britney is freed soon. I hope she tells her story and sues her family to get her money back. I hope she can find friends she can trust and someone else to take over her health and safety, hopefully no one in her family. This girl needs to take control back and she need to protect it for as long as she can. She deserves respect and love and a life of her own. Breaking the cycle of abuse when you are raised with it and the people who do it to you are your own parents. At some point though we all have to have the strength and courage like Britney to say enough is enough.

I know with my family, I can be who I want to be on my own away from them. However, they are toxic when it comes religion and the religious ideas they follow. I know that sometimes you have to protect yourself. Sometimes you have to say, I do not agree with you and if you are going to act this way then I am going to have to cut you out of my life. Sometimes you have to have the courage like Britney to take a stand against your abusers and declare that the time for this to end is now. #FreeBritney.

I hope any of you who have gone through similar situations with your family know that there will always be other people there for you. I did not chose the family I was born into. As an adult now, I do chose my family and friends. I chose people who will support me through the hard times. I chose people who see you as a person and not some object to be used whether that is used by the church, used for money, or used for anything else. I chose people who have compassion and love for all humankind. And I will stand with anyone else who has these same values. Britney, know that I am rooting for you and that you alone can chose the people you want in your life. Do not ever give up. Friends on here, if you have had issues with abuse and family in the past know you are not alone. I will always stand by those people because I was one of those people and I never want to be abused or taken advantage of again. People Matter!

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